Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy Stories from Manic Street Preachers in Seattle

Yes, that's me and Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers.
Now, I can cross off seeing the Manic Street Preachers from my bucket list, as well as meeting them. I was ready to fly to the UK to see them – and I’m not the only one. I met one fellow Portlander (I recognized him by the Lucky Lab T-shirt) who told me he flew to London to see them last year. Met another lass from Eugene who was seriously considering it as well. She was even thinking about following them down to San Francisco this week.

Several others I heard were heading to Vancouver, B.C. the next day to see them there. I discovered I was among quite a few Portlanders.

The crazy stories began even before the show. While scarfing down some grub just outside the venue, where the Manics two tour buses were parked, two people said something to me like they briefly thought I was with whatever band was playing (they didn’t all know). One couple asked me about the Manics’ music after I explained I was just a fan. The other was Brit gent who thought I might be with the tour itself. He looked at me funny at first, like I might be someone important.

He talked about growing up with them – obviously another maniacal fan. When he found out they weren’t sold out, he went to try and get a ticket. He walked off a little bummed out, saying he couldn’t afford it.

Now I’d piled an unusually large amount of cash into my pocket beforehand, thinking there were going to be copious amounts of stuff to buy at the t-shirt counter. The image of the sullen Brit nagged me, and I recalled my own heartbreak in ’99 when they came to Seattle and I couldn’t see them ‘cause I was broke as hell.

He was quite a ways away, but on impulse, I jumped up and yelled “Hey British guy….”, which was really kind’a rude, but it was a desperate moment.

I handed him a twenty – the cost of the show – and told him to go see them. For some reason I was seriously compelled to make sure some random stranger got to see them. It was partially because of my own story from ’99, and ‘cause I know no other Manics fans in Portland. He immediately said, “Are you for real?”

I said: “Hey, I’m from Portland. That’s how we roll.” I can’t believe that stupid phrase came outta my mouth. I hate “how we roll.” I sounded like an idiot.

He kept trying to give me bits of beer, or buy me a drink, but since I had a cold I couldn’t accept. That might’ve annoyed him. But we chatted quite a bit on and off, and he was pretty cool.

That whole thing about giving being a great feeling is no small saying. I felt pretty good about it.

Ironically, as we stood outside between bands, some guy was trying to give away an extra ticket. He seemed truly blown away by the coincidence.

Earlier, I’d begun chatting with two guys inside the neighboring restaurant who were part of the Manics tour. I kind’a got dippy and frothy when I told them how I’d driven 200 miles to see the band, and talked about being an obsessed fan. The guys kind’a looked at me like I was goofy.

A bit later, while I was still eating outside, one of them came wandering by with another guy, and I said “two people now thought I was with the band.” He kind’a ignored me, but the other guy with him looked at me in this rather pointed way, and after a few seconds I realized it was James Dean Bradfield, lead singer of the Manics!

They were just rounding a corner by this point, and impulsively I blurted out, “Oh my god, James….you rule….you’re one of my gods!” Yup. I, a 47-year-old man, turned into Beavis or Butthead.

But he was exceptionally gracious, turned around, smiled and said thanks.

I got up and staggered around briefly, in a daze and mumbling “I just met Bradfield.” I probably looked like a crackhead schizophrenic.

During the show, I made the acquaintance of a lovely named Alexandria, who was dancing wildly and knew all the lyrics (as I did). I was impressed. I assumed she was a local, and thought it interesting her frayed bellbottoms and crazy dancing style was that of a Seattlelite. It more like someone from, well, Eugene.

And interestingly enough it turns out she WAS from Eugene. Wow. She was more hardcore than I was.

After the show, I get a tiny moment with Nicky Wire, bassist. He’s out greeting folks, mostly hot girls, but I muzzle my way at the very end and bug him for a quick photo. He might’ve been just slightly annoyed by this one last guy bugging him. It seemed a bit so. But he seemed to warm up and be pleasantly surprised when I told him I’d drive 200 miles to see them. He told me “thank you” and shook my hand. I quickly thanked him again, and he appeared to just a bit puzzled when looking at me. Maybe he expected me to take longer and was surprised how fast I was dealing with him – because it took just a few seconds - or maybe he thought my hair made me look like Richey (their sadly deceased lyricist/guitarist). Or who knows what?

Anyway, I got to meet Nicky too.
A few minutes later, I was dinging around a bar across the street, talking with two others who'd been at the show. A group of folks left, leaving us the last three in the bar. The guy told me one of the people in that group was from Pearl Jam, the other from another band (Stone Roses, or Stone Ponies....i didn't quite hear).
Interesting night of rock stars.

Later, at a bar nearby, I ran into a Welsh guy living in Calgary, Canada. We talked at length about all sorts of odds and ends of the Manics. It was fascinating. We also delved deep into Trailer Park Boys, Black Adder, Ricky Gervais and tons of other stuff. I don’t often get to have conversations like these.

I also discovered being a Manics fan almost makes us a different species than other humans: we look at things differently. Being a Manics fan isn’t just about loving their music and following them around like Dead Head or something. No, it’s about knowing the music, the lyrics, what they mean, being able to discuss details about all that – but most of all knowing the band’s history and the ability to talk about their art in that context. I’m not talking about lame, dullard talk like “aren’t they cool…” or “did you see what so-and-so did on that solo?,” like fans of Dave Matthews, Phish or other devotees who, in the end, aren’t all articulate. It’s not even like King Crimson fans (of which I am one), who can endlessly rattle on about their infinitely puzzling techniques. Being a Manics fan requires a certain literary bent, and a means to grasp the cerebral side of what they do along with the emotional side.

It’s also about a certain, well, maniacal passion for the band.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oregon Coast This Week: ghosts, zombies, beach clean up, wine and more

Comparing Oregon beaches to the rest of the world. Where else have you been? How would you compare these beaches to those in other places?

We talked to a small cross section of coastal residents who have been to other beaches in this country or others. Quite a few – obviously – have some stake in promoting the area, or at the very least a have an understandable preference for this coast. But sometimes the comparisons are favorable to other beaches elsewhere; other times it’s simply a matter of pointing out the differences – with no inherent judgment.

Coast to Coast Battle: Comparing Oregon Beaches to Other Shores There is something truly unique about this chunk of Pacific shoreline

The big Oregon Beach Clean Up happened this weekend. See the oddities found, and the huge tonage of stuff picked up.

Oregon Coast is 54,000 Pounds Lighter Saturday More than 3,700 volunteers turned out for the SOLV Great Oregon Fall Beach Cleanup

Seen Yachats lately? Maybe you haven't....even if you've been there recently. There's a lot that goes on inside certain doors. Wow....

Fall Into Wine and Music Fun on Central Oregon Coast From special dinners, wine tasting, to loads of live music

Finally, are there such a thing as zombies on the Oregon coast? What about looking for ghosts? Have you seen the green flash at sunset? There's video of all this and more....all sorts of kooky things. A new feature called the Oregon Coast Manic Tour Guide takes a decidedly wacky look at all things coastal.

VIDEO: Manic Tour Guide: Oregon Coast Zombies, Wacky Weather, Ghosts and Glowing Sand In search of zombie whales, ghosts on the coast, glowing sand, the green flash at sunset, and strange, alien bar life

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oregon Coast on the radio - and video

As David Bowie said, "Fame, Fame, Fame....."

Oregon Coast Beach Connection will be on national and regional NW radio this week.

Listen to us on the radio at Wende Across America.....Sometime in the coming week. We aren't sure when....sorry.

The two-minute segment will also be on Weekends Around the Northwest, broadcast in Washington State on various radio stations.

We've kickstarted a new video feature about the coast, called Manic Tour Guide. It's a humerous look at the coast, but also quite detailed.

See the first one: Oregon Coast Manic Tour Guide Annoys the Central Coast

See the second one: Manic Tour Guide: Oregon Coast Zombies, Wacky Weather, Ghosts and Glowing Sand

These are slowly showing up everywhere.

There will be more in this series. Stay tuned....

Rumors of the Demise of ‘Defying Gravity’ are Greatly Exaggerated

Yes, this is supposed to be a blog about the Oregon coast. But sometimes I can’t help but go on and on about some of my passions.

One of these is the ABC show Defying Gravity, which is apparently not cancelled – or at least not officially. One of the great purveyors of this inaccuracy is Examiner.com, which is basically a blog pretending to be a real news media site (the kind of thing that gets my journalist blood boiling anyway). So when I went to Google News to check out when and where this show would appear again (and OMG am I jonezin’….) , I discover a handful of articles reporting its demise.

But when I saw Examiner.com was the biggest source, I immediately relaxed. That is, until I got mad about the inaccuracy – but I’m straying. I’ll get back to this issue of reputable news sites in a minute.

The main point is, according to other more reputable news sources, Defying Gravity is still around. Minutes ago, I just finished what was billed as the season finale - some 24 hours after it aired. Holy Moses, what a monster of an episode. I found myself, however, screaming at my computer,“I wanna know what Beta is!!!!”

We sit through more soapy stuff, of course. But we learn some more tantalizing, oddball bits about this mysterious mission (which, like LOST, lead to even more questions). We learn not everyone is willing to put up with this wall of secrecy about Beta, including Beta itself.

And what it does at the end, and the talk of fractals. Wow.

What’s happening with the show is unclear. It was billed as the season finale (NOT the series finale, dear goofy journalists who got that wrong). Only eight of its 13 episodes have aired, thanks to bad planning by ABC or something (reports say they didn’t have time to air the whole thing because the fall season came upon them too fast). But the lack of announcements about when the final five will be aired is adding to speculation the low-rated lovely is kaput.

I, for one, think it’s one of the most awesome shows on TV. But then I was enamored of other neglected geeky gems like “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “Battlestar Galactica” and the “Stargate” franchise.

Whatever. Screw the masses. I’m right.

Anyway, some media outlets (like aceshowbiz.com) are actually quoting a source on the show. Publicist Nicole Marostica has told them it is still around, but nothing has been decided on the next airings.

And speaking of screwing the masses, I’m sorely disappointed in this whole Examiner.com thing, and others of this ilk. Most of the time they post some badly written missive on the Oregon coast there’s at least one glaring, goofy error. This whole citizen journalism thing is ridiculous – as exemplified by several large endeavors by net companies in recent years. That’s called blogging. Let’s keep the terminology straight.

Citizen journalism DOES work well in the world of the average joe capturing video of something. But the checking of facts and names should be left to the pros.

Be careful that what you read on the net is from an actual news organization – not a blog or a badly written citizen journalism rag posing as a real outlet.

This, by the way, is a blog. It’s about opinion, but it’s also written by an actual news person: the editor of a real media organization called BeachConnection.net.

OK, I’m done ranting.

- Andre' Hagestedt (Oregon Coast Beach Connection)

Strange Stuff Winds up On Oregon Coast

From whales, weird phytoplankton to sea lions popping up places they shouldn't, to funky bugs and interesting birds....there's bundles of oddities and kooky stuff showing up on the coast.
Also, funky brown waves are wowing tourists. Much to see that you can't normally see.

Take a Trip for the Strange....

Take a Trip for the Strange....
Submit your own paranormal tales - or debunk one. Constantly updated with weird news