Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oregon Coast on the radio - and video

As David Bowie said, "Fame, Fame, Fame....."

Oregon Coast Beach Connection will be on national and regional NW radio this week.

Listen to us on the radio at Wende Across America.....Sometime in the coming week. We aren't sure when....sorry.

The two-minute segment will also be on Weekends Around the Northwest, broadcast in Washington State on various radio stations.

We've kickstarted a new video feature about the coast, called Manic Tour Guide. It's a humerous look at the coast, but also quite detailed.

See the first one: Oregon Coast Manic Tour Guide Annoys the Central Coast

See the second one: Manic Tour Guide: Oregon Coast Zombies, Wacky Weather, Ghosts and Glowing Sand

These are slowly showing up everywhere.

There will be more in this series. Stay tuned....

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