Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vote for Your Best of Oregon Coast 2010 on BC Facebook Page

Oregon Coast Beach Connection is trying a first for its annual "best of Oregon coast" for 2010. Vote on Facebook, This means you'll have to "like" their FB page in order to leave a response.

Categories are fairly wide open - feel free to create your own. All businesses or subjects must be limited to the area between Astoria and Florence (180 miles, the upper half of the coast).

No voting for yourself - they're watching.

Final results will be a mix of this talley and their editorial stuff - which has the final say.

To see some of the categories from last year:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whew! The Weirdest Science Happens on Oregon Coast: Killer Whales, Glass Floats, More

It seems the old axiom is true - but more so on the coast: Truth is Stranger than Fiction on the Oregon Coast.

Looking back about six months ago, to April and spring, things really got freaky. This is especially interesting considering the whole weather issues on the coast (and inland), and the appearance of the famed "glowing sand" on some beaches.

Some articles back from April illustrate some unusual ways science affects us everyday on these beaches.

 Oregon Coast News This Week: Strange Brown Blobs, Dead Whale, Dining Specials A baby whale was entangled in rope and drowned; other beach oddities. It took a bit, but authorities finally figured out what happened to a baby whale that showed up on the beaches, already dead. Super sad, but it's not just nature herself that was the instigator of something out of the ordinary: it was mankind as well, with tragic results. Not to mention, those weird brown blobs floating on the waves of the north coast back then. What on Earth was that? Oh, check out the article.

Japanese Glass Fishing Floats Return to Oregon Coast - Briefly Glass Japanese floats were a common sight on Oregon beaches throughout most of the 20th century. It turns out these aren't as extinct as we all think. Who knew there was a period in March when these tend to show up? Even more extraordinary was how many showed up this spring.

Killer Whales Spotted All Over Oregon Coast Normally seen on the central coast, they've been spotted up north as well. The annual appearance of Killer whales is always fascinating, but this time they showed up earlier and in places they're not normally seen.

Hundreds of Crab Shells Show Up on North Oregon Coast It's simply crab molting season for the Dungeness crab in Oregon coast waters, where adult crabs are getting bigger and outgrowing their shells. Storms do the darnedest things, and so do simple water currents.

There's always more goodies at

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Curious Tales from Oregon Coast: Celebrities, Scary History and Aliens

Some intriguing stuff has come to light about the beaches of Oregon.

Freaky Facts About the Famous on the Oregon Coast - Forget the sleazy paparazzi or TMZ. What famous folk have hung out on the Oregon coast? Interesting tidbits and tales about Monty Python’s John Cleese, Ted Nugent, sci fi writer Ursula K. LeGuinn, members of King Crimson and Frank Zappa’s band, Pat Boone, the sisters from Heart and Christian rock pioneer Larry Norman. Plus, what part time member of the cast from Seinfeld (and Star Trek) lives on the coast? What actor from MASH and Outer Limits resides here?

You’ll feel special after reading…..

One Oregon Coast Village Has Gruesome History - The pleasant town of Yachats had some truly dark, even demonic beginnings. It's creepy, freaky and fascinating where this lovely little place has been.

History of North Oregon Coast Dunes Reads Like An Alien Movie - There's more to those dunes in Seaside and Gearhart than pretty postcards: they're a testament to what happens when you screw with nature. Some of this is pretty weird too - a bit like a flick about alien invasions.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

UFO's on the Oregon Coast; Glowing Sand, Freaky Fotos, New Video

Wondering what else is new on the Oregon coast? A possible UFO in Seaside, freaky shots of unusual moments on the beaches, Depoe Bay at dusk and a stunning video about Oceanside.

The Freakiest Part of Oregon Coast Second Summer: Glowing Sand A weird and wonderful secret nature is in store for the motivated beachcomber

 UFO Spotted in Seaside, Oregon Coast Some visitors come farther than others to the Oregon coast

Day and Night on the Central Oregon Coast It's the epitome of a relaxed day at the beach, but about to get very surreal

Oregon Coast Right Now: Depoe Bay at Dusk

Video: Secret Side of Oceanside, Oregon Coast Through the mysterious cave in the headland known as Maxwell Point you emerge

Extraordinary Oregon Coast Sites and Sights Unusual moments along the Oregon coast abound with startling regularity

New Goodies for Oregon Coast Fans

For all ye serious beach bums and bumettes, some fun new possibilities lurk on the Oregon coast and the Internet's version of the coast.

This last bit of summer and the upcoming “second summer” produces a higher possibility to see the really freaky “glowing sands” phenomenon. If you haven’t seen it or don’t know what it is, this article will tell you much.

For those jonzin’ for Oregon coast information in the Facebook or Twitter forms, you are in serious luck. Oregon Coast Beach Connection has a new page on Facebook ( And for those in need of coastal info via tweets, is the place to receive the beachy tweets your heart desires. Lots of photos of stunning stuff you haven’t seen before show up, as well as updates about the coast you can’t find anywhere else.

And while you’re in the mood for more good news on the internet… Tired of news sites with just fluff and stuff about Lohan, Britney and American Idol? Do you need REAL news about Oregon?

Check out for nothing but Oregon headlines from a variety of media around the state. Nothing but real information and no garbage you can’t use.

Also in this realm is, which covers not only travel and tourism news and topics around the state, but also travel news from around the U.S. and the world. They call it “for those traveling to and from Oregon.” Nifty.

Friday, March 19, 2010

something's wrong this spring break on the Oregon coast....

That's right - something's NOT right on the Oregon coast this spring break: it's actually going to be awesome weather!

According to our Oregon coast weather pundits, it's supposed to get quite nice over this first weekend, then Sunday it's going to start raining a bit. Then, depending on what weather report you've been listening to (and they do unfortunately differ), it's going to get nice again during the week.

We've also found a massive list of Oregon coast spring break activities here, and the whale watch week is supposed to give us a huge number of whales to spot, during the good weather moments.

So much to do on the Oregon coast, and just a week worth of spring break to do it in.

See ya on the beach, kids....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oregon Coast Romance-o-Rama

So what to do this Valentine's Day?

Head for the coast, you moron - if you want to keep her, that is.

You can't get much more romantic than the Oregon coast, with its dramatic wave action and long, sandy beaches made for those gushy little, hand-holding walks.

So where are the most romantic beaches on the Oregon coast?

What cool places to wine and dine your relevant other?

Where to stay to really push the lovey-dovey stuff into overdrive?

There's lots o' Oregon coast romance and valentine's day stuff at this special section, which includes some really extensive information. Not just for lovers but pet lovers as two can hook up with Fifi or Fido along for the ride.

There's even a piece on great makeout spots on the Oregon coast (which I hear they actually tested....but that's probably TMI).

Plenty of places on the coast are hosting specials for the hand-holding set, and that's also featured. That, and the weird weather facts about February will probably surprise you.

Again, you can find it at the Oregon coast romance and valentine's day special section.

See you on the beach, kids.

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