Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oregon Coast This Week: ghosts, zombies, beach clean up, wine and more

Comparing Oregon beaches to the rest of the world. Where else have you been? How would you compare these beaches to those in other places?

We talked to a small cross section of coastal residents who have been to other beaches in this country or others. Quite a few – obviously – have some stake in promoting the area, or at the very least a have an understandable preference for this coast. But sometimes the comparisons are favorable to other beaches elsewhere; other times it’s simply a matter of pointing out the differences – with no inherent judgment.

Coast to Coast Battle: Comparing Oregon Beaches to Other Shores There is something truly unique about this chunk of Pacific shoreline

The big Oregon Beach Clean Up happened this weekend. See the oddities found, and the huge tonage of stuff picked up.

Oregon Coast is 54,000 Pounds Lighter Saturday More than 3,700 volunteers turned out for the SOLV Great Oregon Fall Beach Cleanup

Seen Yachats lately? Maybe you haven't....even if you've been there recently. There's a lot that goes on inside certain doors. Wow....

Fall Into Wine and Music Fun on Central Oregon Coast From special dinners, wine tasting, to loads of live music

Finally, are there such a thing as zombies on the Oregon coast? What about looking for ghosts? Have you seen the green flash at sunset? There's video of all this and more....all sorts of kooky things. A new feature called the Oregon Coast Manic Tour Guide takes a decidedly wacky look at all things coastal.

VIDEO: Manic Tour Guide: Oregon Coast Zombies, Wacky Weather, Ghosts and Glowing Sand In search of zombie whales, ghosts on the coast, glowing sand, the green flash at sunset, and strange, alien bar life

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