Friday, January 29, 2010

Freaky Oregon Coast Fun

Yup, I did it again. I got another shot of the famed Green Flash at Sunset (see ). It was fabulous weather out there this past week. Very spring-like. So where the hell were all the tourists? were so missing out. Not just that amazing green flash, but the lovely weather. The surf on the Oregon coast was insanely calm for a few days, immediately after a day where monster waves almost reached record heights and were seen slamming into stuff with regular recklessness.

The week before that I screwed around the central coast, and found out about the huge number of pelicans lingering along these shores. We actually broke that story ( Huge Number of Whale Sightings and Pelicans on Oregon Coast) and all of a sudden these things became a problem. Officials then warned about not feeding them or touching them (Starving, Dying Brown Pelicans Becoming a Problem on Oregon Coast ). After we broke all that, the rest of the media picked up on it, and now you're seeing almost as many dying pelican stories and Haiti coverage.

We rule. What can i tell you?

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