Friday, February 12, 2010

Oregon Coast Romance-o-Rama

So what to do this Valentine's Day?

Head for the coast, you moron - if you want to keep her, that is.

You can't get much more romantic than the Oregon coast, with its dramatic wave action and long, sandy beaches made for those gushy little, hand-holding walks.

So where are the most romantic beaches on the Oregon coast?

What cool places to wine and dine your relevant other?

Where to stay to really push the lovey-dovey stuff into overdrive?

There's lots o' Oregon coast romance and valentine's day stuff at this special section, which includes some really extensive information. Not just for lovers but pet lovers as two can hook up with Fifi or Fido along for the ride.

There's even a piece on great makeout spots on the Oregon coast (which I hear they actually tested....but that's probably TMI).

Plenty of places on the coast are hosting specials for the hand-holding set, and that's also featured. That, and the weird weather facts about February will probably surprise you.

Again, you can find it at the Oregon coast romance and valentine's day special section.

See you on the beach, kids.

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