Sunday, August 29, 2010

UFO's on the Oregon Coast; Glowing Sand, Freaky Fotos, New Video

Wondering what else is new on the Oregon coast? A possible UFO in Seaside, freaky shots of unusual moments on the beaches, Depoe Bay at dusk and a stunning video about Oceanside.

The Freakiest Part of Oregon Coast Second Summer: Glowing Sand A weird and wonderful secret nature is in store for the motivated beachcomber

 UFO Spotted in Seaside, Oregon Coast Some visitors come farther than others to the Oregon coast

Day and Night on the Central Oregon Coast It's the epitome of a relaxed day at the beach, but about to get very surreal

Oregon Coast Right Now: Depoe Bay at Dusk

Video: Secret Side of Oceanside, Oregon Coast Through the mysterious cave in the headland known as Maxwell Point you emerge

Extraordinary Oregon Coast Sites and Sights Unusual moments along the Oregon coast abound with startling regularity

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