Sunday, September 5, 2010

Curious Tales from Oregon Coast: Celebrities, Scary History and Aliens

Some intriguing stuff has come to light about the beaches of Oregon.

Freaky Facts About the Famous on the Oregon Coast - Forget the sleazy paparazzi or TMZ. What famous folk have hung out on the Oregon coast? Interesting tidbits and tales about Monty Python’s John Cleese, Ted Nugent, sci fi writer Ursula K. LeGuinn, members of King Crimson and Frank Zappa’s band, Pat Boone, the sisters from Heart and Christian rock pioneer Larry Norman. Plus, what part time member of the cast from Seinfeld (and Star Trek) lives on the coast? What actor from MASH and Outer Limits resides here?

You’ll feel special after reading…..

One Oregon Coast Village Has Gruesome History - The pleasant town of Yachats had some truly dark, even demonic beginnings. It's creepy, freaky and fascinating where this lovely little place has been.

History of North Oregon Coast Dunes Reads Like An Alien Movie - There's more to those dunes in Seaside and Gearhart than pretty postcards: they're a testament to what happens when you screw with nature. Some of this is pretty weird too - a bit like a flick about alien invasions.

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