Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whew! The Weirdest Science Happens on Oregon Coast: Killer Whales, Glass Floats, More

It seems the old axiom is true - but more so on the coast: Truth is Stranger than Fiction on the Oregon Coast.

Looking back about six months ago, to April and spring, things really got freaky. This is especially interesting considering the whole weather issues on the coast (and inland), and the appearance of the famed "glowing sand" on some beaches.

Some articles back from April illustrate some unusual ways science affects us everyday on these beaches.

 Oregon Coast News This Week: Strange Brown Blobs, Dead Whale, Dining Specials A baby whale was entangled in rope and drowned; other beach oddities. It took a bit, but authorities finally figured out what happened to a baby whale that showed up on the beaches, already dead. Super sad, but it's not just nature herself that was the instigator of something out of the ordinary: it was mankind as well, with tragic results. Not to mention, those weird brown blobs floating on the waves of the north coast back then. What on Earth was that? Oh, check out the article.

Japanese Glass Fishing Floats Return to Oregon Coast - Briefly Glass Japanese floats were a common sight on Oregon beaches throughout most of the 20th century. It turns out these aren't as extinct as we all think. Who knew there was a period in March when these tend to show up? Even more extraordinary was how many showed up this spring.

Killer Whales Spotted All Over Oregon Coast Normally seen on the central coast, they've been spotted up north as well. The annual appearance of Killer whales is always fascinating, but this time they showed up earlier and in places they're not normally seen.

Hundreds of Crab Shells Show Up on North Oregon Coast It's simply crab molting season for the Dungeness crab in Oregon coast waters, where adult crabs are getting bigger and outgrowing their shells. Storms do the darnedest things, and so do simple water currents.

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